We aspire to
help the world
breathe easier.

Curie AI is a tech-enabled respiratory care company providing virtual personalized disease management through proprietary AI that passively detects symptoms

We are on a mission to create the world-standard for monitoring and care for respiratory patients.

We believe that COPD and asthma are conditions that do not have to be scary and unpredictable; but rather can be controlled and managed in a way that is non-intrusive.

Executive team

Navya Davuluri, PhD

Co-Founder. CEO

Sridhar Nemala, PhD

Co-Founder. Head of Al

Ravi Yalamanchili, MS EE

Co-Founder. Head of Engineering

Gloria Fann, MD

Senior Medical Director

A talented team of advisors

Dr. David Stempel

Expert in Digital Health for Respiratory

Dr. Christopher Re

Associate Professor, Stanford University

Aditya Bansod

Co-Founder. Luma Health