CMS now reimburses for remote patient monitoring.

Better breathing,
easier management.

Curie AI is a tech-enabled respiratory care company providing virtual personalized disease management through proprietary AI that passively detects symptoms

Take the unknown and unmanageable out of respiratory illness

Curie AI has developed a patented passive monitoring technology for recognizing the respiratory symptoms patients experience while sleeping. This passive experience results in 98% daily adherence and improvements in outcome.

Virtual care that is proactive and personalized

Better patient care
Patients in the CurieAI program experience 80% fewer ER visits and hospitalizations
Decreased admin burden
CurieAI is reponsible for a short implementation and the admin work, and prepares reimbursement reports for the practice
Marketing advantage
Provide a differentiated solution proven to increase patient satisfaction
Increased revenue
Leverage RPM, RTM, and chronic care reimbursement codes

Proven effectiveness for patients and clinicians

The impact of CurieAI's telehealth solution for chronic respiratory diseases is proven across the care continuum

60% reduction in rescue inhaler use

Daily monitoring provides new clinical insights leveraged by the CurieAI team to deliver proactive care in coordination with the practice

80% reduction in ER and hospitalizations visits

ER and hospital visits are costly, scary, and for many respiratory conditions - preventable. With Curie AI's proactive model, patients are more in control

$354/mo increase in revenue per patient

New CPT codes for remote monitoring and chronic care management can increase revenue for any practice with patients on Medicare

I did not realize how many nighttime symptoms I was having. This helps me get the care I need to help control my condition.

Curie Patient

Curie data showed the patient's condition deteriorated coming off of steroids and we could follow-up with her proactively.

Dr. Mahmood Siddique
Sleep and Wellness Associates

We have seen direct correlation with Curie to be able to predict if a patient is improving or having more severe symptoms.

Dr. James Darragh
Chief Medical Officer
San Carlos Apache Healthcare Corporation (SCAHC)

We are using Curie to provide remote monitoring for high-risk respiratory patients. Curie's technology has provided tremendous insights regarding nighttime symptoms

Tonya Winders
President and CEO
Allergy & Asthma Network

Frequently asked questions

Curie does not charge any patient fees. However, it is possible that a patient’s insurance may charge a co-pay for the service, similar to a co-pay for an office visit. Some patients with supplemental insurance may see their co-pay waived.

Curie mostly relies on patient data that is captured completely passively using a tablet, a microphone, and software.

Our physician clients tell us that it is helpful as information that helps bring the patient back into the office or follow up with them over the phone when symptoms are starting to worsen.

Yes, we have supported well over 100 patients on oxygen.
No, our monitoring tablets are cellular-connected right out-of-the box.

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